Flash technology has been around for a while now. Its still the hottiest thing to add to your web site, however, Flash has come a long way in terms of what it can do for your company. You can create games and animation to add to your site, or you can create an entire site out of Flash. With the newest version, Flash MX, released March 2002, you can now create an entire commerce enabled web site.

Here at MickeyLiz Designs, we have the knowledge and skills to create a Flash movie that will suite your needs. Whether it is an added touch or an entire site you will be extremely happy with the results.

Another service we preform is transfering your Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations into Flash Presentations. Add spice, zip, and professionalism to your presentations.



This is a word search game. Created entirely in Flash.
This is an effect created in Flash using the mouse.
  This was an effect to create a 3-D effect using Photoshop then animated in Flash.  
  This ia a Spotlight effect added as a Preloader to an old portfolio cd.  
  This is an animation sent to members of a Flash user group.  
  This is the Flash intro for a Marketing Companies web site.  

  This is a word search game. Created entirely in Flash.  
  This is a Flash resume that I used on my old web site.  
Below is a list of Flash movies that were made for one site. They were created to add something to the site. Since the web is always changing and updating, so are web sites. For as long as this site has these movies on their web site I will provide a link to the site. I am also providing an example page of what the site looked like when it had these movie added to them.


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