Updates are pretty much the same thing as maintenance. The difference is that maintenance is usually on a schedule where updates occur only once. Updates can be made to any site whether I created the site or not. I can update your site for you. Add a button, add a page, or just add a picture and text, no update is too trivial. Updates are based on what needs to be done and there is an hourly fee. If an hour is not utilized during the update, then the hour and fees are broken into quartely amounts. Here are some fees for common updates:

Update Fees:
  Text Updates $ 30.00/hr
  Homepage Changes $ 40.00/hr
  Button Add Ons $ 50.00/hr
  Page Addition $ 70.00/hr
  Graphic Updates $ 35.00/hr

To learn more or for any further questions, please feel free to call or email me:
(630) 973-8084

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